Are You Ready, Texas? Here we go!

texas2 Are you ready to get creative, Texas? The Creative Capsule is coming your way! We will be stationed in the wonderful little town of Bryan, TX, but since we are mobile, we may just be poppin’ into a town near you one day soon! Being able to bring this unique mobile art experience to you is a dream come true for me, and I can hardly contain my excitement! What is The Creative Capsule, exactly? It is a mobile art studio on wheels. It is a place for kids to make and learn about all types of art, celebrate birthday parties, and attend Summer camps. It is a place for grown-ups to gather with friends and bond over the shared experience of creating something together, maybe over a glass of wine or a great cup of coffee. It’s a place for parents and children to experience art together through collaborative art projects. The great thing about the studio is that it can be anywhere you want it to be, at your house, a neighborhood park, or a community event! We are already scheduling Summer Camps, Mini Camps and parties for kids. For grown-up artists, we have a fabulous evening planned at Perrine Winery (see more on our events page), and an amazing artistic dinner event with Ronin Cooking! We will also be parked at First Fridays in Downtown Bryan, and other events this Summer, offering free art making experiences for all! Keep your eye out for us! Of course, before we can do any of this, I have to get this baby down to Texas all the way from Utah! That’s right, The Creative Capsule is currently living in Salt Lake City, where it has been under the ownership of two amazing women, Allison and Lisa. With their own two hands, they retrofitted the vintage 1963 airstream into a beautiful art and crafting studio on wheels, and spent three successful years running the art school in their community. All of the photographs that you see on the website right now are from their classes and events. Take a look around, it is truly fabulous. You can probably imagine my excitement when I saw that they were selling it. Seriously, folks. I am still a little in disbelief that this is really happening! It is such an honor to be able to give The Creative Capsule a new life here in Texas; an opportunity that I would travel across mountains and valleys for (Which I will be!). This is going to be a true adventure as I have never towed a trailer before. I think driving it through the mountains and all the way back to Texas will be a great way to learn, don’t you? I’ll be an expert by the time I get here. Check back with us, beginning on May 30, when this adventure begins. I will be updating our progress on this blog. It should be entertaining to say the least! In the meantime, I want to send out a HUGE thank you for every person who played a part in making this dream of mine possible. First, to Allison and Lisa, for having the same dream as me and for having an aesthetic so similar to my own! The design work is exquisite. It is so wonderful not to have to worry about the renovation part and to be able to get right to the art making. I am looking forward to meeting you in person in a couple of weeks. I am sure we are some kind of mobile-art-making-soul-sisters! To everyone who supported me from the very beginning on Kickstarter, and to those of you who followed me over to Indiegogo, THANK YOU! A few of you, I’ve never even met, and you live clear across the country, but you believed in what I was trying to do. THANK YOU! To those local BCS peeps (you know who you are), who organized fundraisers for me, donated supplies, helped me teach art to little kids. THANK YOU!  To my sister-in-law, Cathy, who spent many phone calls listening to all of my crazy plans, and did nothing but fill me with her positive energy every. single. time. THANK YOU! Finally, to my technologically literate husband, Matt, who stayed up very late helping me with computer issues, and who believed in me all along the way, no matter what he was really thinking. 😉 THANK YOU!!! Alright, Texas. That’s all the mushy talk for now. Let’s go make some art! I’ll see you soon.

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  1. Miriam Rieck says:

    So very proud of you for accomplishing your dream.

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