April Family Make/Do Challenge

Seeds are the unsung heroes of nature.  Carried on the wind and fallen underfoot, they quietly take root and sprout into a little piece of useful, natural magic.


We’ve never met a kid who didn’t completely go bananas watching a seed they’ve planted sprout. It’s such a dramatic transformation and it’s a wonderful thing to experience the joy of coaxing new life from a tiny piece of what seems like a little flimsy bit of nothing.

This month in honor of full fledged SPRING suddenly upon us, we want to encourage you and yours to try your hand at a unique, and dare we say, EXCITING, type of gardening:  GUERILLA GARDENING!  Help beautify a little scrap of barren land by making and throwing seed BOMBS!

Seeds bombs are little balls made of clay mixed with compost and laden with seeds that are made to be tossed into empty lots, fields, on the side of the road, or yes, even in your own backyard.  The idea is that the seed bomb is  the beginning of a garden itself…you toss it, rain water, sunlight, and the seeds themselves do the rest.  Miniature gardens will spring up where the seed bombs fall, and if we’re all lucky, they will continue to spread more seeds and grow season after season to make our city more beautiful.

The process of making seed bombs is a tad messy (which will mean your kids will automatically LOVE it) but it’s simple, absolutely unscrew-uppable, and will leave you wanting to beautify and green up the entire town with a crew armed with seed bombs!  It may just be your family’s new favorite past time so give it a try!  And please SHARE your pictures with us if you do!


What you need:

Bag of compost or worm castings (good old worm poo!)

Red potter’s clay or more easily available Crayola non-toxic air dry clay

Packets of seeds.  Preferably a native species geared to our climate.  We used a local wildflower mix by Mountain Valley Seeds


Big bowl or plastic tub for mixing

Cookie sheets or newspaper for seed bombs to dry on


If it’s a nice day, it’s smart and less messy to make seed bombs outside. Get all your ingredients ready and then mix one part seed mix, three parts compost, to  five parts clay and add some water to moisten and hold everything together.  If you’re like us though, you can just eyeball it realizing that you should have slightly more clay than compost and smattering of seeds being evenly spread throughout.   Let everybody have turns getting in there and using their hands to get messy and mix everything all together.  It should have the consistency of cookie dough. Then let everyone shape the dark goop into golf ball sized ‘bombs’ and lay them out to dry on sheets of newspaper or on cookie sheets.  Leave them outside for a day or so to dry and then you’re ready to launch!  Scout out your locations and go BOMBING!  Use a sling shot, have a contest to see who can throw theirs the furthest, throw out the window, chuck them into an abandoned lot… have fun and realize that you’re doing your part to BRING SPRING to your corner of the world.



the creative capsule symbol Remind me what the Creative Capsule Make/Do is again? Whether you are in our actual Capsule or not, we’d like to challenge you to make a project or do something more unplugged, more hand’s on & full of FUN each month with your family.  We’ll feature something fun, something easy, and something outside of your normal family box in this newsletter (as well as on our blog) and will hope you unplug, relax, and make the time to make/do with the ones you love. Pencil us in and see where it leads your family!


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