Developing playful partnerships

We’ve got big dreams here at the Capsule. We imagine a day when the Creative Capsule name is synonymous with quality, creative, and fun family programming that reaches well beyond the physical space of the Capsule itself.  We imagine our being a major part of the community of families here in the Salt Lake Valley regardless of what neighborhood or economic bracket they live in.  It’s a big dream for sure, but it’s starting to take shape, inch by inch.

One of the ways we’re making good on this hope is by partnering with organizations in town that connect with families all across the spectrum and for all different reasons.   One of our first collaborations which began last month is with  DDI VANTAGE, a great community asset. Similar to Head Start, DDI provides resources to families of toddlers with developmental delays and disabilities.  They educate parents and provide therapy and learning opportunities for children.

DDI invited us to create a new kind of crafting and learning experience geared just for two and three year olds.    Called HAND’S ON PLAY, it’s a 45 minute chance for toddlers to socialize, learn, and create fun craft projects to take home.  The camp is intimate  with just 8 kids per session and 3 instructors with the Capsule on site at one of DDI’s office locations. We offer open registration for 3 spots per session and then DDI fills 5 spots with their clients- kids who need a little help socializing, working on fine motor and speech skills—but  honestly nearly every toddler we know can use extra help working on these things, so it’s a great educational experience for kids of all abilities.  It’s a new kind of gig for us because in addition to hand’s on craft projects, we are emphasizing sensorial play and peer interactions among the kids.  We’ve had kids gobbling like turkeys, tickling with feathers, creating snow balls out of snow dough, counting snowflakes, and ringing jingle bells.  It’s a camp designed to engage kids in true moments of play and help them better understand the world around them.

It’s been a wonderful experience so far and we’re learning a lot each month we host Hand’s on Play.  These young kids are so lively! It’s really heart warming for us to think that any small thing we’re doing might help unlock a child’s full potential.   We so admire the work DDI is doing for families and are thrilled to be collaborating with them for the next six months.  Another camp is beginning in January at their WEST location so contact us if you live in the west side of the Valley and are interested in signing your child up!

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